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FoVRA’s medium term agenda is to respond to our collective members concerns regarding:


  • Recovery training being too expensive
  • Too many modules that render becoming ‘competent’ impractical
  • NHSS17B accreditation requirements makes it compulsory that training can only be from one source which is viewed by our members as unfair.

Rates of pay

For years, work providers have been involved in a fierce price war to win business. It is apparent that their policy has been to squeeze the real recovery industry who have had to absorb the financial burden of their competition for customers:

  • Rates of pay, from most work providers, have reduced by approximately 50% over the last 15 to 20 years
  • ‘Free miles’ have been contractually introduced so RO’s were not allowed to charge, initially, for 5 or 10 miles. It is now the norm to ‘give’ 20 to 30 miles away without being able to charge.
  • Work Providers are continuing to reduce rates of pay by stealth. One such example is by including vehicles weighing 3.5T in the same category as cars despite heavier, more expensive, equipment being required.


Increasing our industry operatives are having to deal with adverse risk that, we argue, is unnecessary and wholly avoidable. FoVRA wants to improve this situation by asking for more support from the authorities to take responsibility for the safety of recovery operations at roadside.


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